As a young gal growing up in the world of retail, I hopped on the fashion train way too early. Despite my efforts to destroy any evidence of some of my early fashion choices, hints of my styling efforts creep up every now and then. Thankfully, I have found the straight and narrow of the styling world – in other words, I know how to work a closet! Check back each week for glimpses of my favorite fabrics, colors, and go-to styling tips!

Compression Hosiery as a Daily Routine

I didn’t realize the importance of compression hosiery until I was flat on my back with a disc injury at the age of 22. Over the next few months, compression socks and hosiery became a game-changer for my recovery, and ultimately lead to a new understanding in energy maintenance.


Years later, I found myself in a job requiring 7-8 hours on my feet every day. Especially on days with large public events, I was upright from morning until night, sometimes working a 12-hour day with few breaks in between. Nowadays when traveling by air, I pack compression hosiery in my carry-on and find adjustment to new time zones much easier. My energy is sustained and that “travel lag” feeling is minimal. Needless to say, compression hosiery has remained a staple component in my wellness journey.


Below are four options for simplifying compression in your daily life. Whether you prefer full compression or minimal coverage, the National team has a variety of options to complement your comfort and achieve optimal support.

Compression Support Thigh-Highs by National®

Over-the-Knee-Highs by Just Comfort®

Sheer Open-Toe Knee-High by Just Comfort®

Compression Support Pantyhose by National®

Have you added compression socks or hosiery into your daily routine? Share the benefits you’ve experienced in the comments section below.

Be well and energized,


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Activewear Jackets

In the last week, our family has averaged two walks a day. Clearly, we are relishing this weather! Yesterday morning, a slight cold front came through Wilmington and had me grabbing a zip-up coat for our walk. Today, I am sharing a few of my favorite options for active and leisure jackets for transitional weather.


National’s quarter-zip is perfect for an outside tennis match or stroll in the crisp mountain air. The jacquard bomber jacket is a staple for me during this time of year – especially for a quick outing with friends. For beach days, I reach for my full zip or Promenade jacket. All of these pair easily with an UltraSofts short sleeve or sleeveless tank. If you need a bit more warmth, the sleeves have enough give for a long-sleeved undershirt.

Wic-Tech™️ 1/4 Zip Pullover by National®️

Jacquard Bomber Jacket by National®️

Full-Zip Jacket by National®️

Promenade Jacket by National®️

Which one is your favorite option for your next adventure?


Enjoy the outdoors,


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Favorite Fire Meals

This weekend, the weather will dip just low enough for us to build an outdoor fire in our brick fire pit. A quick history on the fire pit…

It was my only home purchase requirement.

Priorities, my friends. Priorities.


Every backyard we surveyed had to be just the right layout for a small, circular fire pit. Nowadays, there are many options for portable fire pits to elevate the ambiance (and fun factor) of your back yard – no matter the size. We opted for a brick fire pit near our outdoor grill, and it was the best decision ever for our little family.


Last weekend, our daughter enjoyed her first s’more (and I’m certain more of those will be on tap for the weekend). Below are a few favorite “fire meals” for you to consider from The Kitchn. Are you a fan of cooking over a fire? Share your tips with me in the comments section below!

Grilled Peppadews from thekitchn.com

Kebabs from thekitchn.com

Skillet S’mores from thekitchn.com


Happy Friday,


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3 Pieces for Layering

Fall is here, which means it is time to stock up on layering pieces for the season! I’ve included three pieces ideal for layering this time of year. Worn on its own, the Denim Printed Shirt Jacket is a great complement to dark jeans or bold, rust-colored leggings. For a soft and polished look, add the Speckled Knit Sweater and roll up the sleeves to show off gold bangles or stacked bracelets. If it gets a bit chillier than expected, make sure to grab this Stretch Twill Jacket for an afternoon out and about!


Denim Printed Shirt Jacket by National®


Speckled Knit Sweater by National®


Stretch Twill Jacket by National®


What are your favorite pieces for fall? Share how you love to layer in the comments section below!


Stay warm,


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Cuddling Up With Cuddl Duds

As hard as it is to believe, we had temperatures cool enough to warrant switching our thermostat from “cool” to “heat.” Admittedly, this isn’t the norm in September around here. We still find ourselves in some sweltering heat more often than not. But trust me – I am not complaining. Give me all the fuzzy tunics and cozy pants. Fall is here and I am ready.


A longtime brand available at National, Cuddl Duds, offers the most luxurious comfort for this time of year. The quintessential thermal is available in varied styles and prints, perfectly suited to lounging around by a fire. The best part? Most styles have a variety of color choices and patterns. Choose what’s best for you!

women's thermal top

Cuddl Duds® Stretch Thermal Henley Top – (Red Buffalo Plaid)


Cuddl Duds® Stretch Thermal Henley Top – (Peacock Blue Fair)


Cuddl Duds® Long Sleeve Tunic

Cuddl Duds® Lace Trim Long Sleeve Thermal Top


Tune in next week to read about my favorite lounge pants – I never make a mountain trip without these in my bag!

Stay cozy,


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Light Layers for Fall

Friends – YESTERDAY THERE WAS A 6 IN THE TEMPERATURE! All the praise hands for cooler morning weather and beautiful beach walks in September!


On this morning’s family walk, I had to snag a jacket before we left the house. Just the right weight for today was my National Jacquard Bomber Jacket. With a low crew neck collar and an easy zip closure, it is a staple item for me this time of year. When I’m eager to add color and vibrance to my leisure look, I opt for my bright and cheerful Zip Jacket. Another favorite – especially for mountain top mornings – is this soft and cozy Berber Fleece Vest, in Black or Caribbean Blue.


As temperatures continue to be kinder to us southerners, these items will be on rotation in my closet! Which one is your favorite?

Jacquard Bomber Jacket by National®

Full Zip Jacket by National®

Berber Fleece Vest by National® (Caribbean Blue)

Berber Fleece Vest by National® (Black)

Happy trails,


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Just a Little Extra

We’ve talked about fashion simplicity – it’s my go-to! These days, the most “flair” I add to my wardrobe is a spark of color and a little detail. My favorites from National are the perfect combination.


Today, I am sharing a few options that add a touch of style without sacrificing ease and comfort. (Just click on your favorite selection to learn more about the item.) Each one of my picks is constructed from our signature UltraSofts fabric. Known to hold shape and color beautifully, these items have the added bonus of UPF 50+ protection! Enjoy an afternoon stroll without concern – all while enhancing your comfort and style.


I lean towards cutout details with a solid jean or black legging. The side-tie shirt is a great option with a long skirt or slacks. For a more casual approach, the white shirt with sleeve detail is a number one favorite.


Tell me how you love to style your favorite in the comments section below!

Floral Cutout Top by UltraSofts®

Grommet Detail Knit Top by UltraSofts®

Side Tie Top by UltraSofts®

Cut-Out Sleeve Top by UltraSofts®


Cheers to comfort (and style),


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Three Must-Haves for Fall

This week marks the start of a NEW MONTH! Friends, SEPTEMBER IS HERE.

If you’re new to this blog, you may not be aware of my affinity for cold weather. Let me fill you in:

I. love. the. cold.

I got married in October, honeymooned on a snow-covered mountain range, and lived in Canada after our first year of marriage. Anytime I am given the green light for travel, I opt for cold weather destinations.

So when my calendar alerted me to the end of August – well, I gave a big “hip hip, hooray” over here! I may live by the ocean, but my heart longs for the crisp air of the mountains.

When I visit our beloved Blowing Rock, I typically pack a few lightweight options for cooler temperatures. Whether I need a fleece jacket for morning hikes, a lightweight cardigan for lunch outside, or a cozy pullover for an evening by the fire, I am covered with all selections from the ShopNational team. Below are my three must-haves for fall. Which style do you prefer?


Berber Fleece Jacket by National®

Duster Cardigan by Esperanza®

Stretch-Heather Hoodie by National®


Stay cozy,


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Simpler Seasonal Styles

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself reaching for the exact same shorts and boatneck shirt I have worn on repeat since June. It’s easy, mindless and efficient. And as a mom of three under three, that’s exactly what I need. Lately, I’ve found myself wanting a pick-me-up in my daily routine. I’ve found that a little change here and there can perk up my attitude and boost my energy…very needed during this wild time with littles! So, I started with a shift in my wardrobe.


My new standard uniform includes a comfortable cotton sheath dress and slip-on shoes. I add bold earrings or a necklace, and I feel brand new. Sure, it is simple and yep, still efficient. But it’s just enough variation from the norm and lends itself well to a change in accessories for that added pop of color.


I’ve hand-picked four dresses to add to your closet this fall. If you’re in a warmer part of the country, consider a lightweight denim or flowing sheath dress. Have a bit more breeze in your neck of the woods? This belted denim dress is perfect for you. And if you’re ready for some pattern, opt for stripes.


Which one is your favorite?


Casual Denim Dress by National®

Eyelet Dress by National®


Denim Belt Tie Dress by National®


Overlay Side-Tie Dress by National®



Happy shopping,


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Helping Hands

If there is one thing I’ve learned (on repeat it seems) navigating three kids under three – we all need a little help. The same is true in my wardrobe! Recovering from a C-section while caring for newborn twins required simplification and ease in every part of my day. Thankfully, the National team provided easy care products with added benefits to make certain I had some assistance when needed.


Things I’ve loved – compression socks for increased energy and shortened recovery, bra extenders for comfort, and the best lotion on the planet for skin recovery.


Moderate Compression Socks by

Bra Extenders by Q-T Intimates™

Nourishing Body Cream by Bee by the Sea™



What are some of your favorite healthcare products?


With love and wellness,


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